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Any participant with a desire to commit time and effort to presenting a composition for evaluation deserves recognition. Additional experience in basic skills, movement techniques, choreography, composition, or performance are evident needs.


Very good compositions or performances may show promise overall, but need more experience. The theme, or subject matter is often not new or presented in a unique manner, and therefore appears trite to the experience eye. All skills performed must be properly executed to receive a higher rating. Three of 5 ratings must be awarded at the AA level in order to receive an overall AA rating.


Excellent composition and performance may have all the necessary ingredients of superb technique, original, creative and harmonious movement, or emotional impact of expression, etc., and still be missing an essential quality which must be sustained throughout. It is the critic's basic feeling and reaction that must prevail. Four of 5 ratings must be awarded at the AAA level or higher in order to receive an overall AAA rating.


Superior composition receives the highest rating when in the opinion of at least four of the five critics, it is judged to have all of the qualities that aquatic art demands, as well as being a contribution to the development of aquatic art because of a flawless performance, or particularly unique treatment, or because of it's emotional impact, or all. The composition will, for the critic, stand alone. It will need nothing more to enhance it, and nothing less in it's interpretation, and it will stand the test of time. In addition, 4 of 5 ratings must be awarded at the IAAA level in order to receive an overall IAAA level.