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"Synchronized Swimming: An American History" by Dawn Pawson Bean  has finally been released and can
be purchased for $49.95 at three sources, other than Dawn herself.  1-800-253-2187, both have the book now, and will have tthe book available soon.

Memory Books Available
One of the highlights of the IAAA's 50th Anniversary was our Memory Book.  A Half Century of Making Memories contains over 60 pages of wonderful memories in the form of text and photos.  If you were unable to attend our 50th celebration and would like a copy of this book, we still have a few copies available.   Send $5.00 (to cover postage and handling) to:
IAAA Memory Book
Nadine Pietrantoni
803 E. Washington Blvd.
Lombard, Illinois  60148
There is a limited amount of copies, so order soon.

"Splash! Aquatic Shows from A to Z" came off the presses on June 14 and looks great. As Bob Duenkel of ISHOF said " I strongly recommend that you add this book to your collection of books on swimming."  IAAA members made major contributions to this book, which covers many aspects of aquatic performance.
 Check details on Bob's website <>. 

Cost $24.95 (includes shipping). PA residents add $1.26.  Send to Robert E. Kerper, Jr, 
PO Box 39743, Philadelphia, PA 19106-9743.

Dancing In the Water  by Beulah Gundling        ($10)

To Henry With Love  by Beulah Gundling         ($10)

Creative Synchronized Swimming by Beulah Gundling & Jill White   ($20)

Add $3.50 for shipping cost for each book.

Please contact regarding any books of interest



"40th Anniversary of IAAA" (available in VHS only)

 Historical record of IAAA from 1955-1994. The hour and half long tape includes early 1934 footage of the Modern Mermaids and 122 snippets of compositions through the years. Donations of $40 or more for this video will aid in the preservation of historical treasures of Aquatic Art. 

Please contact if interested.


"50th Anniversary of IAAA" (available in DVD and VHS format)

As a sequel to our 40th Anniversary video tape, we offer the last 10 years of IAAA festival presentations. The hour long tape includes 220 snippets of 67 outstanding compositions. To maintain our film archives and preserve aquatic art for the futurem we are asking for donations of $40.00 or more. 

Please contact if interested.


"2004 IAAA Festival Presentations " (available in VHS only)

Over an hour of festival presentations. We are asking for a donation of $20.00 to aid in the preservation of our aquatic art film archives.

Please contact if interested.


"The Mermaids' Club" , Paul Carvalho's excellent, 50-minute documentary, in VHS format, on the history of synchronized swimming, available in English or French, has historic as well as modern footage and is a major contribution to the field.  Do not send payment until you receive an invoice.

Cost: $26 (US)
(includes shipping).  Send to: Filmoption International, Inc., 3401
Sainte-Antoine, Westmount, Quebec, H3Z 1X1.

"Tarpon Traditions" is a wonderful overview of the Tarpon Club of Florida State University.  This video tape reflects the rich traditions of this
talented swim group begun in the mid-1930s.  The VHS cassette includes portions of six "IAAA" compositions.

Cost: $13.50 (includes shipping)
Payable to Seminole Boosters, Inc.  Send to Betsy Boone, PO Box 1353, Tallahassee, FL, 32303.


"Enjoy" is a CD on which long-time IAAA member Audrey Holmberg shares her musical talents with 26 delightful piano selections

Cost $15 (includes shipping).  Send to Audrey Holmberg, 1764 E. Apple Ave. - Apt. 513, Muskegon, MI 49442.


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