Bertís Buzz by Bert Hubbard


The Genesis of Man (1971) , The Temptation of Thomas Beckett (1972) both by St. Petersberg Jr. College


Although the Aquarelles had to miss the 2007 Festival they have their sights on returning next year. Between their pool being shut down for an interval and Karen Barthís hip replacement things just didnít work out this year, but it is encouraging that the Aquarelles are back on target now.    ****    Cathy Goodwin continues to make major contributions to the Aquatic Artist and even includes snappy photos of her enthusiastic swimmers.  One of Cathyís new discoveries is Kristina Payne, who told about her background in ballet and swimming in the last issue. She was most appreciative of her gracious welcome at the Festival, which included the loan of a swim suit when she forgot hers.    ****    Now that Jane and Ted Bell have sold their ice cream stores they have more time for travel and enjoyed their visit to Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada.    ****     Barbara Shepard and her husband Steve drove from their home in Clearwater, Florida to Baltimore to attend their sonís graduation from college.  Back at home Barbara has been busy teaching the Synchro Belles (see Artist cover - Winter 2007) all new routines for their October show.    ****    It was sad news from Alicia Crew, who reported that Mary Lou Norwood is undergoing serious treatment for extensive cancer and severe back pain.  Mary Lou has long served as the Historian for the Tarpon Club of Florida State University.    ****    Although Donna Dorn vacationed in Vancouver in June she made sure she was back home in time to can and preserve her gardenís abundant harvest.    ****    Joyce Brickett reports that the Keowee Synchers in South Carolina paid their tribute to their late coach Cathy Brelsford with a nostalgic show in late May that was welll attended.    ****    It was a real pleasure to spend a few days with Jessie Lie Farber while in the Boston area in early August.  And although Jessie was critical of her writing when she re-read a major article about choreography that she had written for the Artist in 1960, it was Pat Haueter who reminded me that it was Jessie who, more than anyone else, influenced Patís thinking about choreography and movement.  And it was Pat Haueter who so directly influenced me and many others in her role as such a perceptive critic.  Influence just keeps spreading around, doesnít it?    ****    Pauline McCullagh enjoyed reading, in an old Aquatic Artist, about clinics she gave long ago, even if the details are now a bit fuzzy.    ****    Paul Carvalho is on a roll these days.  His Geometry of Love documentary has received even more awards, and he has gotten some real interest in a childrenís musical he wrote.  September will be spent on the road working on another documentary.    ****    This summer Pam Lam and her family enjoyed an exciting vacation in Italy, followed by a Mediterranean cruise.    ****    Those Sea Stars keep on rolling  and will be Dangerous When Wet in their October 20th show at Wright College.    ****    Nadine Piterantoni last recorded the invading horde of cicadas when her son Michael was only three years old.  Now the cicadas have revisted in their 17-year cycle and Michael, now 20, helped record this natural phenomena.    ****   Several IAAA folks reported on the TV show Synchronized Swimming: In Pursuit of Excellence shown on PBS on July 11.  Mauro & Agnes Pittaro enjoyed the program, while Pat Haueter found it well done, but does  find the routines all begin to look the same.  Audrey Holmberg appreciated the rigors associated with synchro and was impressed with the new male star - Kenyon Smith.  Both Kristina Payne and Bob Gadbois of Chicago made good copies of the program.    ****    Mary Morrison and LaVerne Kocal have been working on the IAAA website.  Check it out at, <>    ****    As she recovers from a hip fracture, Doris Beshunsky doesnít let being on a walker stop her from getting to a nearby pool to speed her recovery. The active Doris assembled a cartoon collage, from her extensive collection, that was featured in the last issue of the Artist.  The original poster has been framed and put into the IAAA Archives.  She also has sent in an extensive article about the only male synchro team in the United States. The Tsunami Tsynchro of San Francisco swam in the Gay Games held in Chicago in 2006 and are pushing for men to be included in World Masters Synchronized Swimming ß